Motion Picture of the Mindstorms EV3 Bonus Robot Bobb3e

This will no doubt be my last blog post of 2013. I finally found the time to open my LEGO Mindstorms EV3 box and create some robot. I chose to build the bonus robot “BOBB3E the remote controlled Bobcat” because I happen to like fork lift trucks (remember this one?). This EV3 model is designed by Kenneth Ravnshøj Madsen. BOBB3E, a remote controlled Bobcat®, can be steered and lift objects, all through the touch of buttons on the IR Beacon.

Building instructions (.pdf) are here and the program (.ev3) can be found here.

Finally I have finished the Emerald Night

Back in 2009 I immediately fell in love with the Emerald Night train set. So I ordered it right away but… only built the engine 😦 because I did not have enough space in my display cabinet. Now that I have moved some things around to create some space I finally have finished both the tender and dining car and placed them all on the top shelf…

Who needs IKEA when you have LEGO :-)

My display cabinet from IKEA needed an extra shelf, but I did not want to use my hammer, saw, wood and screws to create another layer. So I made it out of LEGO, of course.

To test this construction I put the glass platform from my display cabinet on top of it and placed the very big and heavy EV3MEG on it 🙂

All this was necessary because the Space Shuttle is too large to fit between the standard shelves. This is what the construction looks like when it is in position inside the cabinet…

LEGO WORLD 2013 – My Second (and final) Day

Let me start by saying my module worked like a charm all Saturday long. By the way, as a thank you for volunteering we got the #75023 Star Wars Advent Calendar, yippee..! Thanks, Mr. LEGO 🙂

Because there are lots of videos of several spectacular GBCs from all over the world present on YouTube, this time I filmed the spectators of our GBC…

Another great installation I saw working on Saturday was the Mindstorms EV3 Packaging Line gathering the pieces for building a FREE mini version of the EV3MEG by putting the pieces plus paper instructions in a ziplock bag for kids who stood in line. My friend Daniël stood in line and not only did he get a free set for himself, but he asked for another set for me, thanks DS 🙂

This is a picture of that packaging line before it was completely assembled, but also without the crowd standing around it:

I took two videos of the working EV3 Packaging Line myself, this one and that one.

After the last day of LEGO WORLD I went to Utrecht to pick up my Crystal Column. Tidying up always goes quicker than settings things up, so a lot of LEGO was already gone when I arrived at around 7 pm. Maico Arts, our Dutch GBC Chief Engineer told me that my module has had some hiccups but otherwise ran fine the last days. So I need to take a look to get it even more stable before a next LEGO WORLD edition…

LEGO WORLD 2013 – My First Day

Last Wednesday night I went to the venue where LEGO WORLD would be held in Utrecht, The Netherlands. During that day people have the opportunity to build or set up their store, buildings, booths, etc.

My mission was to bring my small contribution to the GBC to the spot where it would fit between the other modules, and I succeeded. I also took some time to wander around the not-yet-but-almost finished halls filled with LEGO (and related) stuff, without having to deal with the crowd that would enter the next seven public days 🙂

This year I am an Adult Fan Of LEGO (AFOL) volunteer via De Bouwsteen for the 2nd time. Now on Friday and Saturday only, so my module was on its own the first day of the happening. But when I entered today (Friday), I saw it was taken out of the assembly line on the first day 😦 because the module appeared to have some bug causing it to crash. I spent time testing it outside of the chain to see what went wrong and I finally fixed it (for the time being anyway) with one single strategically placed 1 x 2 plate:

Fortunately after that fix the Crystal Tube could take part in the GBC again right after lunch and stayed productive without any disturbance until closing time at 5 pm. I was so proud that it finally worked that my colleague Bas, who visited with his son Berend, insisted to take this picture:

Here is a video of my contribution holding well between the other modules:

Oh, and I picked up my LEGO MINDSTORMS EV3 (#31313) box I preordered via De Bouwsteen. But that is for another time…

My small Contribution to the LEGO World 2013 GBC

This is the first year that LEGO World (Netherlands) will be held in Utrecht instead of Zwolle. In the blog post I created last April, entitled Prototypes for the GBC at LEGO WORLD 2013 a working prototype of the Archimedes’ Screw is shown. After seeing that this would work I have ordered a lot of mostly transparent bricks as shown below:

With those see-through bricks I created this crystal column that rotates the same way the prototype did:

A final test spin at my desk at home and this week it will be placed between the other Great Ball Contraption (GBC) modules to be displayed and (hopefully) working 7 hours a day during 7 days:

Both Offline and Online LEGO Wall Calendar

A colleague told me about this website. Thanks, Joan!

“The lego calendar is a wall mounted time planner that we invented for our studio. It’s made entirely of lego, but if you take a photo of it with a smartphone all of the events and timings will be magically synchronised to an online, digital calendar. It makes the most of the tangibility of physical objects, and the ubiquity of digital platforms, and it’s also puts a smile on our faces when we use it!”

Current Status of my Minifig Wall

Meanwhile I have filled a second 50×50 Giant Base Plate with minifigs. Because all of a sudden I remembered I had of course many more of them. So I started looking though all my older LEGO instruction booklets and recreated e.g. some old knights, astronauts, Shell persons, Vikings, Train passengers and personnel. Here is a movie and below a snapshot: