Just build me a Church

Last December, while visiting Mini Billund, a privately owned must see little LEGO museum (plus shop) in Wagenberg, the Netherlands, I took a picture of the following LEGO set of a typical Danish church in one of the many glass cases:


On the Brickset Forum I found the following data about this set. It was made from 1957 until 1962. Its set number is 1309 in Scandinavia and was sold starting 1958 in continental Europe using set number 309.

In those days the bricks where nicely displayed in their box as shown here:


The actual building of such a model was a more challenging task, though. That is because this set did not have separate building instructions. The pictures on the box were the only help you got. So the picture on the cover plus the one shown below were supposed to be enough. I guess you needed a lot of counting and guessing back then…


Fortunately, I found a very useful .lxf file on this page. I saved a backup here. It can e.g. be opened using LEGO Digital Designer but can also be imported by Stud.io (which by the way has very nice BrickLink integration). The next image shows the model after importing it in Stud.io, and after I removed two 1 x 2 white bricks to be replaced by windows. I removed those bricks because I finally found one image that showed the church from the back.

Church in Stud.io

Inspired and helped by the aforementioned digital drawing I have recreated this 60-year-old model using my own white and red LEGO bricks. But it took a while to pick the not so much discolored white pieces from my collection. The only parts I had to order via BrickLink were all the windows. Some pictures of the final result are shown here (click on image to enlarge):

church01    church02

church03    church04


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