LEGO Technic and the Commodore 64 – Part V

The saga continues with this third contraption of the book I started writing about here. This project is called Lift Operator and it is the first structure in the book using a homemade switch constructed with a paperclip, a small elastic belt and some tinfoil, as shown here:

Switch made from a paperclip and tinfoil

The placement of this homemade switch in the top of the elevator shaft is shown here:

Switch placed in top of lift

The cogwheel contains four pins causing the paperclip part of the switch to touch the tinfoil wrapped other pin thus making contact. The elastic belt makes sure the contact is broken again in between. These signals are then used by the program to measure how far the elevator car has travelled. In the next video you see the switch opening and closing and the green light on the Vic Rel cartridge flashing accordingly. The program taking care of this all contains only 12 lines of code. They sure knew how to write concise code back in the days đŸ™‚


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