LEGO Technic and the Commodore 64 – Part III

As you may have noticed, the motor used in my first model (see Part II) is an Electric Technic Motor 4.5V (#6216) like this one:

Electric Technic Motor 4.5V

I still had the one I got as a Christmas present from my parents back in the late 70s in a beautiful box like this one and I used it a lot in the years to come.

Lego Set 870 Technical Motor 4.5V

To be able to make some of the models in the book (see Part I) I needed two more of those motors and fortunately I could buy them last week from a LEGO fan that collects and sells mainly sets from the 70s and 80s era. And he gave me 4 electric plugs (#766c01) for free, thanks Marcel!

Lego Electric Plugs

I need to break off that little plastic pin in the middle in order to make the plugs fit into my own motor and battery box that do not have a hole to accommodate for that pin.


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