LEGO Technic and the Commodore 64 – Part II

Ok, in the meantime I have received the Vic Rel cartridge (see Part I).

Vic Relay Cartridge

Then I bought a working Commodore 64C (the newer model of the C64, which was released in 1986 and looked a little bit like the Commodore 128). Back in the 80s I owned the original C64 (the so-called breadbox model), so now I wanted the new model for a change 🙂

Commodore 64c
My Commodore 64 is the same model, but does not look as nice as the one in this picture.

Vic Rel Cartridge
The Vic Rel cartridge placed in the user port of my Commodore 64.
By default all red lights are turned on when the computer is turned on.

I already built the first LEGO Technic model from the book Make And Program Your Own Robots For the Commodore 64 and Vic 20 (see also Part I) that made me start this little project in the first place… but I could not really test it until I received my Commodore 64. I typed in the Basic code also provided by this splendid book, looking like this:

Commodore 64 Basic Code

And then the following happened:

So it all worked great..! This first robot model from the book is called Walking Android. If you watch really good you can see the leftmost light on the Vic Rel cartridge turning red as soon as the contraption starts walking after the first keypress. The light is turned off as soon as a key is pressed again causing the robot to stop walking.

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