LEGO WORLD 2013 – My Second (and final) Day

Let me start by saying my module worked like a charm all Saturday long. By the way, as a thank you for volunteering we got the #75023 Star Wars Advent Calendar, yippee..! Thanks, Mr. LEGO 🙂

Because there are lots of videos of several spectacular GBCs from all over the world present on YouTube, this time I filmed the spectators of our GBC…

Another great installation I saw working on Saturday was the Mindstorms EV3 Packaging Line gathering the pieces for building a FREE mini version of the EV3MEG by putting the pieces plus paper instructions in a ziplock bag for kids who stood in line. My friend Daniël stood in line and not only did he get a free set for himself, but he asked for another set for me, thanks DS 🙂

This is a picture of that packaging line before it was completely assembled, but also without the crowd standing around it:

I took two videos of the working EV3 Packaging Line myself, this one and that one.

After the last day of LEGO WORLD I went to Utrecht to pick up my Crystal Column. Tidying up always goes quicker than settings things up, so a lot of LEGO was already gone when I arrived at around 7 pm. Maico Arts, our Dutch GBC Chief Engineer told me that my module has had some hiccups but otherwise ran fine the last days. So I need to take a look to get it even more stable before a next LEGO WORLD edition…

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